March 7th, 2021

A sea change in Russian Navy deployments

This short analysis outlines a recent small but subtle “sea change” in Russian naval deployments that took place recently.

Firstly, the list below outlines an abridged overview of the current elements underpinning Russian naval policies to date:

·  The backbone of the Russian Navy lies in its multipronged capacity to field a range of ships, to support its littoral defence and also deploy primarily in the near sea zone.  

·  A noticeable shift towards “distributed lethality”, with smaller but more versatile combat ships, with smaller corvettes and patrol boats as part of the mix as well as destroyers and the vitally important submarine fleet. 

·  Continued development and deployment of (shipborne) long-range stand-off missiles, coupled with the advances in Russian missile technology.

·  Ensuring a wide distribution of firepower and spreading out the risks to minimise big potential combat losses. [1] 

These are some of the current and anticipated elements that are relevant to this article, (I’m not covering the submarine fleet aspect).  Generally speaking, recent Russian naval developments can cover both power projection and sea control as well as sea denial capabilities closer to home.

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